LG V40 on Verizon now picking up Android 10, following AT&T and T-Mobile

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LG launched the V40 ThinQ with Android 8.1 Marshmallow in October of 2018. The company updated the device to 9.0 Pie last year. Now the latest and greatest Android 10 OTA has begun rolling out to owners of the V40 on the multiple carriers.

When we reviewed the phone back in 2018, we found it to be good for LG, though not quite up to the standards of manufacturers like Google and Samsung. One of the downsides to buying a device from a company like LG is usually delayed updates. And while this new update isn’t exactly speedy compared to Pixel standards, it’s not terrible for an Android phone that’s over two years old now.

Earlier this year we saw AT&T V40 users on the XDA Forums confirm reception of an over-the-air Android 10 update. That was followed up in mid-May with the arrival of similar statements surfacing from T-Mobile users:

While we’re still waiting for news about the update coming to Sprint, Verizon is finally getting a shot at it. Early reports of the update are circulating among users, though Verizon itself has yet to update its support page.

All we need now is for Sprint to wake up and get going with its own V40 Android 10 release.

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