Pick up a Eufy Smart Lock Touch for $140 ($60 off)

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If you’ve ever forgotten your house keys or accidentally locked yourself out, you’ve surely wished for another way to get back in the door that doesn’t involve breaking a window, calling a locksmith, or tracking down that one friend or neighbor that has an extra key. While we’re at least 3 years away from living the Jetson’s lifestyle, the technology to lock and unlock a door without relying entirely a flat slab of jagged metal does exist. And thanks to the magic of consumerism, you can get a Eufy Smart Lock Touch for 30% off and get just a little closer to futuristic home access.

The Smart Lock Touch replaces a standard deadbolt and can be configured to automatically lock when a door closes. When you’re returning home, it can be unlocked using a fingerprint, a touchscreen keypad, via Bluetooth with your phone, or with the aforementioned slab of jagged metal — people used to call these things “keys.” It’s powered by 4x AA batteries, which should last about 12 months. In case it matters, this isn’t a Wi-Fi connected door lock, so you won’t be able to unlock or reconfigure it remotely.

The same model was $40 off just last month, so your strategy to wait a few weeks was a success saved $20 that you would have otherwise thrown away. Things might not work out quite so well again, so get on it if you’re thinking about making the leap to electronic locks.

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