Pick up a refurbished pair of Galaxy Buds Live for just $85 ($85 off)

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Samsung released a few different audio products in 2020, but none were as amusing as the Galaxy Buds Live. The distinctive design of Samsung’s latest outer-ear buds led to many calling them “the beans,” and now you can pick up a refurbished pair for $85 off the typical new price.

The Galaxy Buds Live are true wireless earbuds, with a maximum battery life of around 8 hours and a charging case that supports USB Type-C and Qi wireless power. The earbuds technically offer active noise cancelling, but due to the open design, ANC does very little in real-world use. We have a full review here.

Best Buy is selling the Buds Live as “Geek Squad Certified Refurbished.” You can buy a pair from the link below — all three color variants are available, as of when this article was published.

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